Lists of Volunteers

Ear Care Nepal is extremely thankful to all the volunteers for giving their precious time and energy for construction of Temporary Learning Centers “TLC”. All of you worked (and still continued working) many days regardless of very hot weather and in very uncomfortable conditions (sometimes even in dangerous situations). Construction of temporary classrooms in 9 schools in less than a month was possible because of your hard work and determination.

01. Binay Bikram Adhikari
02. Binayak Bikram Adhikari
03. Binod Bajrachary
04. Sarad Shrestha
05. Roshan Shrestha
06. Shakespeare Pandey
07. Manika Shrestha Dhakhwa
08. Manoj Dhakhwa
09. Naresh Shakya
10. Reetu Shakya
11. Sabrina Shakya
12. Bhairaja Maharjan
13. Ajanta Maharjan
14. Nanda Kumar Maharjan
15. Mary Maharjan
16. Ashok Maharjan
17. Milan Maharjan
18. Ramita Maharjan
19. Hira Maharjan
20. Sanjeeb Shakya
21. Prof. William Waldron
22. Amrit Shrestha and Team Sanga
23. Sunil Bajracharya
24. Chiree Dangol
25. Nepal Army Personnel, Kavre
26. Balkumari Club, Saibu

Ear Care Nepal would like to thank you all

Badri Maharjan Housewife
Binu Maharjan BA
Brita Shakya MBA
Dr. Chandan Baranwal ENT Surgeon
Celina Shakya BBA Student
Diki Tsering +2 Student
Gita Maharjan 10
Lisa Maharjan MBBS Student
Luniva Maharjan Student
Mahima Rajyalaxmi Shah BA Student
Mary Maharjan B Arch.
Neharika Shakya MBBS Student
Nitisha Maharjan +2
Pramila Tamrakar Staff Nurse
Pragya Bajracharya BA Student
Priti Maharjan Housewife
Priza Shakya BBS
Rabina Maharjan MBA
Sabreena Shakya  MA Student
Sujana Maharjan PCL Nursing


Ear Care Nepal


Don't be Deaf

Don't be deaf...Listen to the story of these kids...

Aashish, Birendra and Manoj suffer from Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media, which is a chronic infection of a middle ear cleft. If left untreated, it may lead to hearing loss and even brain infection.

Get to know these youngsters with big dreams and their story until they go for an operation. The follow up on their story is going to be published in the end of December, 2017.. 


Current Project / Updates

School Ear Screening Programs

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Monastery Ear Screening Programs

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Up Coming Events

September 2018

Kavrepalanchowk School Based Program for Prevention of Deafness (June 2018 - November 2019)

Ear screening programs at Public Schools and Monasteries of Kathmandu Valley.

Conducting Middle ear surgery of children at public schools of Nepal.

Conducting parents counselling for ear surgery.








Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish