Aims and Objectives

  • To evaluate the prevalence of deafness among underprivileged school going children and its risk factors
  • To evaluate the correlation between prevalence of deafness and risk factors like low socio-economic status, nutrition and immunization
  • Provide clinical otolaryngological and audiological services
  • Create awareness about correlation between physical hygiene, passive smoking and immunization with deafness
  • Train special manpower and designate them ‘Community Ear Assistant’ to continue the ear care program
  • Train “Female Community Health Volunteers” on primary ear care education
  • Provide primary ear care education to children, teachers and guardians
  • Deliver preventive ear care service at primary level
  • Refer selected patients with ear diseases for surgical treatment

Ultimate Goal of the project

To endeavor to reach the ultimate goal of prevention of deafness/conservation & promotion of hearing at the national level

Up Coming Events

Notice : Due to Covid 19 global pandemic, Ear Care Nepal has postponed all its screening programs till further notice. 

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at Kirtipur .

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at rural parts of Lalitpur.










Future programs

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish